Getting Her Hooked -take your time!

Taking your wife or significant other  fly fishing could be the best thing you ever did! –so don’t screw it up! Here are a few ways to get her hooked with out ruining the experience for her.

She’s not one of the guys…

Leave your fishing buddies out of this unless they are also taking their wives or girlfriends on this journey. There’s a time and a place with your friends on the river, integrate that gradually.

Take it easy!

Plan an easy day where she will learn to  hold the rod correctly, make a simple overhead cast,and a roll cast. Keep it simple and don’t overwhelm her with too much information. Be gentle, patient and by all means let her make mistakes!  It’s the best way to learn. 

My best fishing partner ever!

Keep the day short and plan another activity on the way home like dinner and drinks or drinks and dinner.. Or drinks.
Take a class..

Let’s face it- guiding and teaching fly fishing is hard.. Teaching your wife or girlfriend is harder… So…Enrolling the two of you in a class is a great way to take the pressure and tensions of teaching off and to let you and your sweetheart relax and have fun. Trust me, anything you can do to avoid a bad experience will help you in the long run!

Reeling her in….
Now that you have “set the hook”, take her on a fishing get away. Just the two of you..

A great way to spend the day  or a weekend with your significant other is to book a float trip with a local guide. Again letting someone else do the work for you enables you both to relax and catch fish. It is also a great opportunity joy discover something awesome together.

Fun for the rest of your life ! 

She has been learning to row the boat too!

That smile that a fish puts on her face is priceless!

It’s  always fun for me to watch my wife catch a fish- any fish! Part of that is the guide in me and the fact that I am really good at living vicariously through others, and part of that is the pure joy of watching your other half succeed!

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